Mallaig to Inverie, Knoydart Peninsular

The Knoydart peninsular came highly recommended by Joanna & Dan who’d camped there 3 years earlier. It is on the mainland but cut off from the rest of Scotland by a range of high mountains and only accessible by boat or hiking over a mountain pass.


Joanna had seen a basking shark from the ferry on the way to Inverie 3 years earlier, so Rosamund (below) was on the lookout during our whole passage from Mallaig to Inverie, sadly without success.

IMG_1742 Ros looking for basking sharks.

We picked up a “The Old Forge” mooring and later ate at the restaurant. After mooring we noticed a large boat drawing up to the pier – then a piper welcomed them ashore. But not many went ashore. Rosamund later learned from two Germany people she met that the boat “Lord of the Glens” was full of German tourist and they had started in Inverness for a cruise along the Caledonian Canal through Loch Ness to the Hebridean Islands of Mull, Skye, Iona and Eigg. They advertised a drink at the most remote pub in the British Isles at Inverie before crossing the sea to Skye and the picturesque town of Portree – that pub was of course “The Old Forge”.

LordOfTheGlens The Lord of the Glens.

The Knoydart Foundation was established in 1997 to work on behalf of the community. The Foundation took over the management of 17,200 acres of peninsular land in 1999. They are now a charity with responsibilities including housing, a hydroelectric system, the visitor service, and the land/wild life habitat management. They also provide a ranger service. Knoydart is not connected to the national power grid and now has an independent green electricity supply serving all the properties in Inverie. Knoydart Renewables Ltd (a trading subsidiary of the Knoydart Foundation) is responsible for the hydro electric system fed by Loch Bhraomisaig on the slopes of Beinn Buidhe.


The totem pole carved and erected by the local school children to reflect the history of Knoydart

On returning to Inverie the following morning, I had post cards to post at the Post Office (see below) – election day Thursday 23rd June was the next day and I could not tell how they would vote as there was a “Vote Remain” poster in the Post Office window but a “Vote Leave” poster in the window of a car drawn up outside. But I also had strict instructions to get some venison steaks from the local shop when it opened at 10am for us to enjoy that night – hopefully to enjoy the results as they came in and for Britain to remain in the EU.

IMG_1760 Vote remain in the post office window and vote leave in the car window.

IMG_1781Leaving the magnificent vista of the Knoydart Peninsular


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