We’ve been the proud owners of Milo, a 30 ft Hunter Legend 306 with a bilge keel since April 2013.  In the first year we sailed around Devon and Cornwall for a whole month and had a fantastic time.  What we valued was not just the sailing, but the unexpected moments that occurred either because we were storm bound in port or we were moored next to fellow sailors who had stories to tell.  Being away from television and the pressures of daily life, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was much more like Chaucer’s England where we spent time talking to people we met along the way.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Henry Acland

    Hi Ian and Ros,

    Haven’t seen an entry recently, hope all is well. Weather seems balmy here in Bristol but that’s no guide. We are off to Cornwall Sunday-Wednesday and will be off e-mail. But it would be good to hear your whereabouts before then.

    Henry and Di xo


  2. iansutherland455 Post author

    Hi Henry – you are right. We are taking a week off – Ros for work, me partly work but partly time for my treatments. I’m in Bristol tomorrow if you’d like to meet for a coffee and a catch up. Ian


  3. aroundbritainonulva

    Thanks for putting our picture and blog site on your blog. We are now in Weymouth on the South Coast our progress being broken from time to time due to bad weather.
    Looks like there is more to come next week. Best wishes to you from Barbara John and Andy the crew of ULVA


    1. iansutherland455 Post author

      Congratulation Andy on getting round Britain so quickly. We’ve been following your blog with interest. We also had a huge leak from our sea water pump and had to come back from the Outer Hebrides to get it repaired in Tobermory – baling all the way! I recall you saying you’d be home by July and I did not think it would be possible at the time. You should do a write up from your blog for Wavelines. Ian & Rosamund



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