Return to Lamlash

Returning to Lamlash on Arran on the 1st August was like a timewarp – it was as if we had never left. Yet in the month away so much had happened: Pete & Chris’s barn dance in Tunbridge Wells, our wedding anniversary, Ian’s trip to China, Cath & Rick’s 100th party in Shepherd’s Bush, Vyv & Skye’s trip to Legoland and, of course, the usual family gathering at Eastcotte in Branscombe.


And yet, returning to Lamlash, there was Jim, still as we’d left him sitting in his chair in the Holy Island Ferry portacabin office, saying “she’s weathered a few good storms since you’ve been away” – knowing that Milo had been well looked after and cared for on her mooring.


Once again Jim kindly arranged for us to be taken by boat to Milo. The sunset that night was as if Arran was on fire – glorious and so peaceful – the real calm before the storm, but we were determined to leave despite the inclement conditions setting sail for Port Bannatyne on the island of Bute early the next day – we’d heard it was a peaceful place and sheltered for weathering the impending storms – but more on that later.

Milo had not been too lonely while we had been away. Andrew, Rebecca , Hugh, Percy and Syke had all stayed on her for the weekend of July 10-12th. Unfortunately for them there were high winds so they could not sail, but instead they motored to Holy Island, anchored and climbed to the summit. The views from Holy Island were spectacular.




I asked Hugh and Percy if they’d like to make a contribution to the blog and these are their contributions. Hugh wrote, “At first, when we got to Arran I was exited. I thought we were going to see Granny & Granpa”. Percy was more forthcoming: “We started the journey with the drive to Ardrossan to get the ferry. Once we got we got on the ferry Andrew and Percy had a look around top deck to watch the hull closing whilst the others made paper aeroplanes. After the quick look around they all had a snack (whilst making paper aeroplanes). When the ferry journey was finished they took the bus to Lamlash. When there they went to a nice little place called the Drift Inn. We figured that the only way to get to the boat was fore (sic) Andrew to swim in his wetsuit. They even asked someone who said no! Whilst Andrew was swimming Becky, Skye, Percy and Hugh had tea.”



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