To Northern Ireland

The significance of this trip was that we were again crossing borders – this time from Eire and the Euro to Northern Ireland and the pound sterling. We left Carlingford Lough on the flood tide – what a contrast to two days before – we were out on the high seas in just over half an hour with the treadmill, but it had taken nearly 2 hours against. Carlingford flew a beautiful rainbow flag as we left – how they did it, we do not know, as we could see no rain.


While the passage to Ardglass was uneventful, it was special to us as it was the first passage that we could sail most of the way. The winds were fresh force 3-5 and we were on a broad reach and making good progress.  Also we had a clear view of the Isle of Man with its distinctive mountainous profile.


On arrival in Ardglass we found Doyles a welcoming cafe for lunch and enjoyed some of the most delicious fish we have ever eaten. In the evening  Ros created an amazing omelette using up all of our on-board ingredients.




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